Cycling tour Zeeland

Bicycle tours:  Zeeland

Touring in the land in the sea

Bicycle tours: Zeeland

Zeeland consists of several islands, interconnected by bridges and dams.
Zeeland has an extensive bicycle network. The roads and paths offer the best views of land and sea, but also ensure the safety of the cyclist.
The quality of the cycle paths, the maintenance of the network, the extensive bicycle information and the many bicycle stops give Zeeland the label “5-star bicycle province”, the highest possible level.

AAB proposes 4 different full day excursions of about 45-50 km each. We also provide a short ride on the day of arrival.
The bicycle tours are always mapped out on a different island so that you get the most complete picture of the bicycle province of Zeeland.


Day 1 - Short trip to the hotel
You get on your bicycle near Brielle.
Surrounded by the waters of the Brielse Meer and the Oostvoornse Meer and with a view of the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, you will reach your hotel.

Day 2 - Zuid-Holland
The first part of the tour takes you through the varied dune landscape.
At the first stop in Rokanje you can enjoy sand and beach.
Furthermore, it goes to Hellevoetsluis, a fortified city with a mill and an inland harbor. Time for lunch.
In the afternoon you drive to Brielle, a pleasant fortified town with nice corners and squares. From the much too large church and the harbor you can easily reach the windmill 't Vliegend Hert.
From Brielle it is only a stone's throw to your hotel.

Day 3 - Goeree-Overflakkee
After a 18 km bus ride, this bicycle tour starts at the Haringvlietdam, one of the structures of the Delta Works that serve to protect the Netherlands against the North Sea.
The mill of Stellendam, in the middle of the street, is your first landmark on this ride.
The rest of the morning you will cycle with a view of the Grevelingenmeer, the largest saltwater lake in Europe and home for many water sports enthusiasts.
By noon you will reach the North Sea where you can sit down for lunch in the beach club.
In the afternoon you first enjoy the beautiful emptiness of the dunes and the bustle of the beaches and then turn to the inland where you cycle from one cozy village to another.
You end the ride where you started it this morning: at the Haringvlietdam.

Day 4 - Schouwen-Duiveland
After a 50 km bus ride, you get on your bike in the marina of Brouwersdam.
You can quickly reach the countryside through the pleasant city center. In this agricultural area you cycle past vegetable fields and extensive farms.
After the farmlands you arrive at the largest national park in the Netherlands: the Oosterschelde. It is a world of tides, wind and water, lots of water.
With a view of the Zeeland Bridge, an impressive building of 5 km. long that forms the connection between 2 Zeeland islands, you will come near Zierikzee.
Time for lunch in this traditional Dutch town with more than 500 monuments including 2 windmills and 3 medieval port gates.
After this beautiful city it goes back to Brouwersdam via several ring villages, the church in the middle and the houses in rings around it.
Fancy a glass of Dutch wine on the way? This is possible in a 10 ha. large wine farm, the wines of which are even served by KLM.

Day 5 - Veerse Meer
After a 60 km bus ride along the most important Delta works, including the Storm Surge Barrier, you start the tour around the Veerse Meer, the top attraction of Zeeland.
In the morning you will cycle with a view of the impressive Storm Surge Barrier and Neeltje Jans through the marina of the Roompot Beach Resort.
After a while you turn to the Veerse Meer where you take the ferry to the other side.
After lunch with a view of the lake you cycle to the town of Veere, a village where you literally find history on the street.
You will see the Scottish houses, where trading took place. The dimensions of the imposing church show that Veere used to be a prosperous place.
The last part of the ride gives you a nice summary of the past days.
You will enjoy the many water, the cozy villages, the windmills, the view of the North Sea and the monumental Delta Works that should protect the Netherlands from disaster from the sea after the disaster of 1953.

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