Cycling tour North Brabant

Bicycle tours:  North Brabant and Gelderland

Fortified cities on the banks of the Dutch rivers

Bicycle tours: North Brabant and Gelderland

North Brabant has many delights to offer including nature reserve De Biesbosch, museums and attractions for young and old.
North Brabant is also the province where Vincent van Gogh was born. The famous artist's work and life can be explored in many unique locations.
If you’re looking for a holiday bursting at the seams with natural beauty, fascinating culture and culinary delight, then you can’t go wrong in Gelderland.


Day 1 - Waalwijk - 's Hertogenbosch
Den Bosch
's-Hertogenbosch, which we call Den Bosch these days, is a wonderful city full of historic buildings, wonderful museums, great shops and welcoming cafés and restaurants.
Cycle through the authentic landscapes of Brabant, the environment that inspired Van Gogh enormously.

If you love to travel back to the 17th century, the fortified city of Heusden is the place for you.
The fortified city of Heusden has completely renovated fortifications and 134 buildings are listed as monuments.
The little city grew around one of the oldest water castles in Northwest Europe and was one of the first Dutch cities surrounded by a wall.

Day 2 - Dordrecht - Kinderdijk
Hollands oldest town. The historic city center is hidden between mighty rivers.
The more than 1,000 monuments in Dordrecht have a rich past, especially in the historic port area.

In the beautiful, water-rich area near Dordrecht you will find the windmills of Kinderdijk.
Nineteen beautiful mills, built around 1740, are located here as part of a larger water management system to prevent flooding.
Today they symbolize Dutch water management and in 1997 they were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 3 - Waalwijk - Waalwijk
National Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen
It can be found to the south of the city of Heusden and represents 3,500 hectares of forest, heathland, and a large sand drift.
The dunes are like a huge sand box for children. It is the perfect landscape for wonderful cycling tours.

Day 4 - Waalwijk - Woudrichem
The Castle Loevestein
The most famous castle in the Netherlands. Loevestein Castle’s rich history spans some 650 years.
Roughly speaking, you can split its history into three main periods that we refer to as The Middle Ages, The State Prison and The Hollandic Water Line periods.

New Dutch Waterline: the Netherlands’ biggest national monument
The New Dutch Waterline is a unique piece of architectural history.
Between 1815 and 1940, this defense line, in combination with the Stelling van Amsterdam, protected the western Netherlands against intruders.
No defense line anywhere in the world uses water in the same smart way.
Along the 85-kilometer defense line, as many as 45 fortresses, 6 fortified cities, and 2 castles helped defend the Netherlands.

A fortified town, surrounded by creeks and rivers.

Bruges and Ghent

The art cities from a different perspective.


Touring in the most bicycle-friendly region in Belgium.


The land in the sea.