Known for its diversity of sites and places of interest, Brussels is the capital city of Belgium.

As the headquarters of many European institutions, Brussels might also be considered as the capital for the European Union.


Places of interest

Grand Place

The Grand Place is the central square of the City of Brussels. All over the world it is known for its decorative and aesthetic wealth.


Icon of Brussels and Belgium.

A unique creation in the history of architecture and emblematic vestige of the World fair in Brussels (Expo 58). The nine spheres represent an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

Manneken Pis

A tiny peeing statue became the icon of Brussels.

The famous Manneken-Pis remains the emblem of the rebellious spirit of the City of Brussels. His wardrobe counts more than 900 suits.

Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official palace of the King and Queen of the Belgians in the centre of Brussels.

European Parliament

See the heart of European democracy and learn about the role of the European Parliament in shaping the future of Europe.


Mini-Europe is a park where you can (re)discover the 27 states of the European Union + the United Kingdom and their historical, architectural and cultural treasures.
Thousands of lifelike figures bring the 350 monuments, recreated on 1/25 scale, to life.


MIM - Musical Instruments Museum

The luxurious Old England department store earned an excellent reputation for its highly distinctive building.

The entrance to the building is a jewel of the Art Nouveau style.

After your visit, the instruments and their history will no longer hold any secrets.


Magritte Museum

This museum stands right in the centre of Brussels, on Place Royale.

It exhibits for public viewing the surrealist artist's creations belonging to Belgium's Royal Museums of Fine Arts.

This multidisciplinary collection is the richest in the world.

Belgian Comic Strip

Located in the heart of Brussels, the Belgian Comic Strip Center has been honouring the creators and heroes of the 9th Art for more than 25 years.

Tintin and the Smurfs lead the way towards further adventures.

Horta Museum

The Horta Museum is established in the private house and studio of the famous architect, Victor Horta (1861 - 1947).

The two buildings are characteristic of Art Nouveau at its peak.

The house has kept intact most of its interior decors: mosaics, stained-glass windows, furniture, paintings and murals.


Pearl-coloured mussels, crisp chips, hypnotically-flavoured chocolate, a huge range of beers ranging from bitter to subtle. Taste Brussels!


Pieter the Elder Bruegel was a Netherlandish Renaissance painter and printmaker known for his landscapes and peasant scenes (Genre Painting).


Mechelen is actually one of the best places to visit in Belgium.

A trip to the top of the St. Rombout Cathedral’s massive tower is the best way to get a panoramic view.


Home to the oldest Catholic university in the world.

The more historical section of the city boasts sites such as the The Belfry on St. Peter’s Church and the Grand Beguinage.


Capital of the Netherlands.


Capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.