Home to the oldest Catholic university in the world.

The more historical section of the city boasts sites such as the The Belfry on St. Peter’s Church and the Grand Beguinage.



Places of interest

City Hall

The Town Hall of Leuven is a landmark building on that city's Main Market square, across from the monumental St. Peter's Church.

The building is a fine example of late Gothic architecture with stunning turrets, stonework and flags all adding to the imposing but beautiful appearance.

There are a total of 235 statues, honouring notable past residents of the city, on the exterior of the building.

St. Peter's Church

Built mainly in the 15th century in Brabantine Gothic style, the church has a cruciform floor plan and a low bell tower that has never been completed.

The Oude Markt

The Oude Markt may seem like the longest bar in the world but it is actually made up of several different bars all joined together in the Oude Markt square.


The Catholic university here was founded in 1425 and rose to prominence as one of Europe's most highly-regarded places of learning.

The great humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam and Justus Lipsius both taught here, the geographer Gerhard Mercator studied here, and one of the university's chancellors became Pope Adrian VI in 1459.

University Library

During the first and the second world war, the German destroyed the library building.

The University Library was twice rebuilt and restocked with valuable books on the Ladeuzeplein - the largest square in Leuven - in neo-renaissance style.


Museum M

Top art museum in Leuven and is completely state of the art. The art housed here ranges from between the 15th and 18th Century as well as contemporary pieces and temporary exhibitions from big name artists from around the world.

The St Pieterskerk Treasury

Home to two famous triptychs of the 15th century by Dirk Bouts, and are considered to be two of the best works from that time period.

Stella Artois

Leuven is the home of Stella Artois, the pilsner beer at the heart of AB InBev, the world’s largest brewing company.

Averbode Abbey

a Premonstratensian abbey situated in Averbode, completely surrounded by large forests.

Park Abbey

The abbey’s historic cloisters have been recently restored.

The showpieces are the unique 17th-century stucco ceiling, by Jan-Christian Hansche, and the cloister with its 20 masterful, monumental stained-glass windows from the 17th century, created by top Leuven glass artist Jan de Caumont.

Today these are recognised and protected as Flemish masterpieces.


Actually one of the best places to visit in Belgium, at just 25 km.


Capital of Belgium at just 25 km.

Leiden & Ghent

Two of the other main universities in the Low Countries.