"Say cheese, say Gouda"But there is so much more. 

How about a workshop in a syrop waffles factory, a beer tasting in a local brewery, a visit to historic buildings or a canal cruise through the monumental city centre.


Places of interest

Syrup waffle factory

Go back in time to 1810. Watch an interactive film, visit the authentic factory, knead the dough and taste the syrup.
Participate in a great workshop: make and bake your own syrup waffles, taste them while they are warm. 


Gouda used to have 200 breweries, but now there are only 2 left.
During the tour, the brewer will tell you many fine anecdotes about the history of the brewery and its beers. Afterwards, the beers taste even better.

Sint-Janskerk and Goudse glazen

When sunlight falls through the 72 world-famous stained glass windows, it is immediately clear what makes the Sint-Jan in Gouda so special.
Be surprised by the beautiful colors and vibrant play of light that give this longest church in the Netherlands a hushed atmosphere.

Canal cruise

A beautiful canal cruise on the barges through Gouda's monumental city centre.
The trip follows the historic navigational route through the city that was the only connection for trade between Flanders and Dutch cities from the early Middle Ages onwards.


Goudse Waag

A historic building from 1668 which now serves as a cheese- and crafts museum. An authentic model from those days is still shown.
You can use an audio tour and there is a possibility for a cheese tasting.

Museum Gouda

The Museum Gouda exhibits a unique collection from 16th-century altar pieces, 17th-century militia group portraits to French and Dutch paintings from the 19th century (The Hague School).
Take a leap into the past and travel back in time to 1562 with the interactive city model.
You can also enjoy the famous Gouda pottery, known as ‘Gouds plateel’, as well as the large open depot with clay pipes, modern art, silverware and many other objects.

Gouda cheese experience

"Say cheese, say Gouda". The whole world knows it, the whole world eats it.
But do you also know the story of Gouda Cheese? This is your chance, experience Gouda Cheese in the one and only Gouda Cheese Experience.
In the beautiful building in the heart of Gouda you will go on a unique and interactive journey through a golden yellow universe.


With its picturesque canal network, overwhelming museums, rich naval history and vibrant cultural scene,the capital of the Netherlands is one of the world’s most unique city destinations.


The drive to innovate that locals still use today makes Rotterdam a fascinating place to visit. If you love architecture, Rotterdam is definitely worth a visit.


Discover the true story of Willem of Orange. Get up close and personal with Johannes Vermeer, and see how the world-famous Delft Blue ceramics are made.

The Hague (Den Haag)

The Hague (Den Haag) - the third largest city in the Netherlands - is the seat of the country's government, and home to the Royal Family.
The Hague is also home to numerous government ministries and embassies, along with the headquarters of several international organizations, including the International Court of Justice.