Belgian Coast

Belgian Coast

The coast's 65 kilometre long stretch of sandy coastline has 15 resorts, ao. Oostende and Knokke.

The coastal tram is by far the best way to discover the Belgian coast.

Westerpunt - De Panne

Belgian Coast

Places of interest


The most impoortant coastal town of Belgium, the'Belgian queen of Spa-towns'.

Ostend used to be an elegant town where the happy few played in the casino, visited the horse races or met one another in the majestic villas.

The Belgian king Leopold II ordered to build his summer residence in this city.

Het Zwin

Nature parc, the internation bird airport near to the Dutch border.

A channel called the Zwin Channel connects the area to the sea.

Every tide makes a large quantity of North Sea water flow into the nature reserve.

The nature reserve boasts extraordinary fauna and flora which can hardly be found elsewhere along the Belgian coast.

Westhoek nature reserve

Explore the dunes (340ha.) of the Westhoek, the fossil dune in Cabour or photograph yourself in the middle of the 425m. wide Sahara.


The Ensor Museum

James Ensor (1860-1949) resided here during the last 32 years of his life.

James Ensor was a Belgian painter known for his grotesque and brightly colored depictions of masked skeletons.

Paul Delvaux Museum 

The Paul Delvaux Museumin St. Idesbald displays on more than 1 000m2 of renovated space the largest collection in the world of this internationally renowned artist....The museum invites you to get acquainted with his paintings, watercolors, drawings, sketchbooks and etchings.

Mercator Museum

Arctic traveller Adrien de Gerlache designed this three-master which was built in Scotland.

The Mercator had only two commanders and made 54 voyages.

In 1956 it repatriated the remains of Father Damien from Molokai.

Since 1964, it has been the pearl in Ostend’s crown.

The coastal tram

Covers the entire Belgian coast and stops at 70 places between De Panne (in the South) and Knokke-Heist (in the North).

It is by far the best way to discover the Belgian coast


There is nothing more Belgian than a portion of moules-frites.

The gray shrimp is generally considered one of the quintessential Belgian foods, present on every menu in the form of 'tomaat-garnalen' or 'kroketten'.


Its history has made it great, a fact that garnered it the title of a Unesco World Heritage City.


During the Middle Ages Ypres was one of the main Flemish cloth centres next to Bruges and Ghent.

Being almost entirely destroyed during the First World War, the citizens of Ypres rebuilt their city with respect for the past.

Between the Belgian coast and Ypres you can also visit smaller towns such as Veurne and Diksmuide.

Province of Zeeland

This is where to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Wadden Sea Islands

The five perls in the north of the Netherlands.