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Dear Caroline,

Regarding to the reservations for the group I would like to inform you, that the guests are back – very happy with a lot of nice impressions. I would like to thank you very much for your great support.

As well we would like to say most heartfelt thanks to your service providers. They did their job very well. The bus was very clean, the driver polite, the service efficient and the guide was very competent and helpful. The guests were very lucky about the weather and got the best impressions of the highlights in beautiful Gent. The guide informed the guests about the best shop to buy French fries and the guests loved it! Of course, they were sitting on a small wall and were eating their French fries as it is the local culture. The taken pictures were very funny. The guide could also inform the guests about the political situation, they were very interested and asked a lot of questions.

Once again, thanks a lot for your great support, I appreciate it very much!


Best regards from Switzerland

GD, Zurich (group 13/05/17, email received 18/05/17)



Dear Lindsay,

The trip has been fantastic!! Thank you very much for your outstanding job. The hotel in Gent is absolutely beautiful

Thanks again and best regards from Spain

IGV, Madrid (received by email 08/05/17, group 30/04-06/05/17)



Dear Kathleen,

Just to let you know that I have been in touch with Mr & Mrs Moss, everything went smoothly for them in Belgium and they had a great time. Thank you for organising it all.

Best regards,

DO, London (received by email 28/03/17, clients 21-26/03/17)



Dear Lindsay,

I have feedback from the group - Mr. Gunstrøm just called.

They are VERY pleased with the tour.

Restaurants, visits and the guide - please tell Mrs. Fiza that she did a great job.

There was heavy traffic 28.4 to the cruise and they started 18.00 from the hotel after the recommendation from the guide - this was very good.

Have a nice day

MH, Skien (received by email 02/05/17, group 28-30/04/17)



* 2016 *


Good day!

I just wanted to let you know how much my client's LOVED your tour! I also wanted to thank you for your services and hopefully keep in touch so I can send many clients your way!

Again, thank you!

MA South Carolina US (received by email 11/07/16)



Hi Caroline,

I’m pleased to attach some excellent client feedback for this tour.

Thank you for everything you did to make the tour a success.

Kind regards,

KL, London UK (received by email 20/07/16, group 24-28/04/16)



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