Ronse and Oudenaarde: 2 hidden gems in Flanders

3 overnights in Oudenaarde

Day 1


in the afternoon: guided city walk in Oudenaarde, a city with more than 100 classified historical monuments, incl. visit of 1 of the 3 interesting churches



Day 2

Adriaan Brouwer

In the morning: visit of the MOU museum

the MOU brings the history of Oudenaarde and the Flemish Ardennes to life. You'll travel through time, from the Middle Ages to today, via interactive media and special historic items. Admire the original Oudenaarde tapestries and one of the largest silver collections in Flanders


the temporary expo ‘Adriaan Brouwer’ (15/09-16/12/2018)

in cooperation with the KMSKA the museum will expose about 50 art pieces (of which 25 paintings from Brouwer itself) reflecting the oeuvre of Brouwer and the artists of his time


In the afternoon: visit of the Tour of Flanders Centre, an active visitor's centre where you can sample the true soul of Flemish tournament based on multimedia and interactive applications


visit of a local brewery or gin distillery with tasting

Day 3

the romanesque Crypt

In the morning: guided city visit of Ronse incl. visit of MUST (the Museum of Textiles)


In the afternoon: visit of the romanesque Crypt (1089) under the St. Hermes church, the city’s

architectural showpiece and storage area for the relics of St. Hermes. During the Middle Ages, this site was a famous pilgrimage spot for the mentally ill


visit of a local chocolate manufacturer with tasting

Day 4

MUST (the Museum of Textiles)

In the morning: city walk in Ronse theme ‘art nouveau’, and private visit of the Villa Carpentier, built by Victor Horta


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