01-04/02/2018 : Light festival in Ghent and the highlights of Flanders

Day 1


In the afternoon : guided city walk Ghent incl. visit of the St. Bavo Cathedral and its famous painting the Ghent Altarpiece.


In the evening : visit of the magical light festival in the historical centre, the arts quarter and the industrial quarter of Ghent - the 4th edition of the Light Festival lights up the city with works by international light artists. The city’s nights will become the backdrop for a surprising spectacle, ingenious installations, spectacular performances and beautiful events, all based on light. Get ready to discover Ghent’s historic sites and monuments from a different angle. The Light Festival puts the internationally acclaimed Ghent lighting plan in the spotlight and gives you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Ghent’s unique hidden charm after sunset.

Day 2


Full day excursion to Bruges with guided city walk, visit of the Lace museum and the chocolate museum.


Bruges may be, quite rightly, very proud of her World Heritage status, but the city is happily embracing the future too! This walk takes you along world-famous panoramic views, sky-high monuments and centuries-old squares invigorated by contemporary constructions. One foot planted in the Middle Ages, the other one firmly planted in the present. Walk from the Market Square and the Belfry to the Burg square, the Beguinage (Begijnhof) and the Lake of Love

Day 3


Full day excursion Antwerp with guided city walk incl. visit of the Cathedral of Our Lady, the House of Rubens and a harbour boat trip.


Antwerp, Belgium’s 2nd largest city and Europe’s 2nd largest harbour has kept many memories of its rich past. Above all, it is the city of PP Rubens, worldfamous master of the 17th c. The cathedral, Belgium’s largest Gothic church and the largest of its kind in the Netherlands contains, amongst other treasures, two of Rubens’ masterworks : “The Erection of and the Descent from the Cross”. Antwerp is also the world’s diamond center.

Day 4

castle of Ooidonk

In the morning : guided visit of the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent


guided visit of a local brewery or gin distillery with tasting


In the afternoon : visit of the castle of Ooidonk - a mere stone's throw from the city of Ghent, in a bend of the river Leie, sits elegant and majestic Ooidonk Castle. The watery surroundings and the sheer tranquillity of the grounds in which it is set lend this pleasure palace a deep sense of peace and well-being that belies its eventful history. As a unique example of the Hispanic-Flemish architectural style that emerged during the Renaissance, this medieval fortress, rebuilt in 1595, is widely considered as one of Belgium’s finest castles.

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