Experience a unique flower parade and famous Dutch painters

nice 3*plus hotel located nearto Breda

Day 1

Jeronymus Bosch

Guided city walk in ‘s Hertogenbosch incl. visit of the Bosch Art center - the capital of the province of Noord-Brabant is the historical and cultural center of this area. In the late Middle Ages, Den Bosch became the center of the wool and cloth trade. During this tour you will also visit the prominent places of the most famous resident of the city : Jeronymus Bosch and the Bosch Art Center, dedicated to the life and work of Bosch.


Coffee/tea with tasting of the famous Bosche bol (typical cake).




Boat trip on the Binnendieze - you can sail down through ’s-Hertogenbosch in a distinctive open-topped boat, sailing alternately in the open air and then under buildings. Discover the beauty of ’s-Hertogenbosch on the open boats which allow good views. Enjoy the grandeur of the monuments, the characteristic ancient and modern buildings, the exciting waterways and the magnificent fortifications of the capital of Noord-Brabant.


Accommodation and buffet breakfast in a nice 3*plus hotel located nearto Breda.

Day 2

Biesbosch National Park

Full day excursion Dordrecht and Biesbosch

Guided visit of Dordrecht - In 1220, Dordrecht was granted its city rights. It was the first time that such rights had been granted. Therefore, Dordrecht can justifiably call itself 'Holland's oldest city'. For years, Dordrecht played an important role in trade, politics and religion. The 1000 monuments still define the view of this medieval trading city. You will see numerous places of interest during your walk, such as the Hof, the Groothoofdspoort, the Stadhuis [city hall], the Grote Kerk, the Augustijnenkerk and numerous warehouses and mansions.

Tour with a whisper boat at the Biesbosch National Park - the park is an extensive freshwater tidal area that is within easy and fast reach of Dordrecht. These unique wetlands arose after a natural disaster. In 1421, the St. Elisabeth flood inundated the land around Dordrecht. Due to the influence of high and low tides, in the centuries that followed a rugged natural area arose, with osier and reed beds and meandering creeks.


Or full day excursion Zeeland

Visit of the Delta works – after the North Sea floods of 1953, the Dutch authorities decided to construct more effective coastal defences in the Zeeland Delta. These coastal defences are known as the Delta Works and comprise a series of dams. The local guide will give an introduction to the storm surge barrier and shows you a fascinating film about its construction. Afterwards you can experience the storm surge barrier yourself during a tour of the interior.

Guided visit of Veere – the city of Veere once was a mighty trade centre at the ‘Veerse Gat’. It is now a beautiful and enjoyable town bordering the ‘Veerse meer’ lake. The ancient warehouses and old streets still remind the visitors of its glorious past.

Guided visit of Middelburg - the historic town of Middelburg is the provincial capital of Zeeland. You will find 1100 large and small monuments that breathe the atmosphere and the wealth of the past. The mighty abbey, the impressive city hall and the fabulous warehouses, that date back to the time when Middelburg was second VOC (East India Company)to Amsterdam.

In the evening in a huge tent : exclusive visit behind the scenes of a float construction by one of the participating village districts of Zundert.


Day 3

Van Gogh
Flower parade: behind the scenes

Guided city walk in Zundert, the town where Van Gogh was born and his family lived for many years, incl. visit of the Vincentre.



1st category seat tickets for the flower parade in the centre of Zundert - Zundert’s flower parade is an annual explosion of dahlias. Zundert’s village districts and surrounding church villages are engaged in a severe competition every year to build the finest float to be judged by a professional and independent jury. The entire village joins in, young as well as old, man and woman, worker and manager. The tradition of the parade joins generations, sexes and social classes.

Flower parade
Flower parade

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