2020 : the Ghent Altarpiece is coming home

Day 1


City tour Brussels and guided visit of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts/Oldmasters - The bulk of this collection consists of the painting of the former Southern Netherlands, with masterpieces by Rogier van der Weyden, Petrus Christus, Dirk Bouts, Hans Memling, Hieronymus Bosch, Lucas Cranach and Gerard David.


Accommodation and breakfast in a middleclass hotel in Ghent or Bruges.

Day 2

Jan Van Eyck

Guided city walk through the historical city centre of Ghent and visit of the St. Bavo’s Cathedral with its famous painting of ‘the Mystic Lamb’ (opening of the new visitor’s centre foreseen in May 2020).


Guided visit of the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent.

The collection offers visitors a wide-ranging survey of art in Flanders from the Middle Ages up to the first half of the 20th century.


Tip: Van Eyck Experience expo at the museum (01/02-10/05/20).


Visit of a local brewery or chocolatier with tasting.

Day 3

Ghent Altarpiece

The town Wetteren has a strong historical relationship with the theft of the panel ‘the Just Judges’, part of the famous Ghent Altarpiece. Some people assume that the thief was a high-ranking civilian of Wetteren. Until today the panel is still missing. We take you through the city ‘in search of the missing panel’ and visit several linked locations. Exciting stories come alive…

The ‘den Blakken’ provincial park with its sandy dunes is a true green oasis in Wetteren. It contains several theme gardens in which you can discover several plants produced in the region.


Guided visit of a local flower and/or plants grower


Coffee break with tasting of the local ‘Wetterse Vlaaien’ and the regional ‘Mystic Lamb’-beer on the terrace of Den Blakken, with beautiful view on the gardens.

Day 4


Guided city walk Bruges with theme ‘how medieval is Bruges?’ with ao. visit of Oud St. Jan, the beguinage, the Madonna of Michelangelo, Saint Saviour’s Cathedral, the Markt and Burg square, the Chapel of the Holy Blood and the town hall.


Guided visit of the Groeningemuseum.

The museum provides a varied overview of the history of Belgian visual art, with as highlight the world-renowned Flemish primitives. In this museum you can see ao masterpieces, The Virgin and Child with Canon Van der Paele by Jan van Eyck and the Moreel Triptych by Hans Memling. You will also marvel at the top 18th and 19th-century neoclassical pieces, masterpieces of Flemish Expressionism and post-war modern art.


Boattrip on the canals in Bruges, Venice of the North.

Day 5


Guided visit of the historical city centre of Antwerp with ao. the medieval Vlaeykensgang and the beautiful Cathedral of Our Lady.


Guided visit of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (re-opening after renovation works foreseen in autumn 2019). The museum conserves about 7600 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints. Major ensembles by the Flemish Primitives, PP Rubens and the Baroque, Henri De Braekeleer and the Flemish expressionists characterise the institution.


Visit of a local diamond workshop and demonstration.

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