Combinationprogramme Limburg/Liège

Day 1

Genever museum Hasselt

In the afternoon: city tour in Hasselt

the lively capital of the province of Limburg, is situated between Liège and Antwerp along the river Demer. Important sights are the old patrician houses on the Grote Markt, the Sint-Quintinuscathedral, the Holy Mary Church, the Modemuseum and National Genever Museum.


Followed by a visit at the Genever museum

an old 19 th c. steam distillery, not far from the béguinage, where the production of this noble drink can be followed and the gin sampled.

Day 2

Winecastle Genoelselderen

In the morning: city tour in Tongeren

it is the oldest town in Belgium and surrounded by the fertile fields of the Hesbaye. Important sights are the Onze-Lieve- Vrouwbasiliek, the Ambiorix monument, the Béguinage, the remains of the town walls, etc. (important antique market on Sunday morning)


In the afternoon: visit of the Winecastle Genoelselderen

the only winecastle of Belgium, situated between Tongeren and Maastricht. In these surroundings the old Roman made wine. This Neoclassical castle descend from the year 1750 and is surrounded by the biggest vineyard of the country.

After a dia-presentation and a glass of wine, the visitors will be guided through the Rose

garden, test garden with 20 different kinds of grapes, the beautiful park around the castle

and the wine and eau-de- vie caves.

Day 3


In the morning: visit of the Coal mines in Blégny

in 1980 was decided to close the mine in Argenteau-Trembleur. Thanks to this closing it is now possible to go down the mine till – 30 and – 60 m. Here you can follow all the treatments of the coals from the arrival of the mineral till the sale and transport.


In the afternoon: city tour Liège

the third largest town in Belgium, is situated on the confluence of the Meuse and the Ourthe. It is the capital of the province of the same name and of French-speaking Wallonia, seat of a university and of a bishop, and owing to its locational advantages and long tradition an important industrial centre with one of the largest inland ports in Europe.

The most important sights are Palais des Princess-Evêques, Musée Curtius, Musée de la Vie Wallone and the Church Saint-Barthélemy.

Day 4

F1- track in Spa-Francorchamps

In the morning: visit at the Abbey of Stavelot

the Abbey of Stavelot was in existence until the French Revolution when it was dissolved. Afterwards the buildings had various functions and in the First World War were used as a military hospital. Today the premises, principally of the 18 th c., house the town administration and three museums. Remaining from the 16 th c. are parts of the belfry, a beautiful spiral staircase and the doorway. In some of the rooms of the abbey a festival of concerts and plays takes place.


Visit of the F1-Museum

The Romanesque vaulted cellars of the abbey are an extraordinary place for a motor-car museum. Here more than 80 vintage vehicles and racing cars of more recent date, motor-cycles, documents, posters, etc., which illustrate the history of the celebrated motor-racing circuit of Francorchamps, are on show.

Followed by a guided tour to the F1- track in Spa-Francorchamps


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