City info

City info


We show you the most relevant info of the most important cities and regions in the Benelux.

This way you get a clear overview in a quick way.

Rubens lived in Antwerp, Rembrandt was born in Leiden, Van Gogh started his journey in North Brabant, Breugel shows us the surroundings of Brussels.


Pearl-coloured mussels, crisp chips, hypnotically-flavoured chocolate, a huge range of beers ranging from bitter to subtle.


Medieval Bruges, the 3 towers of Ghent, the battlefields around Ypres, and a dozen other cities.


For each study program, AAB can guide you in the selection of your company visits.


For music lovers

AAB helps you when you want to attend a concert,

go to the opera or want to perform with your choir or music group.


Flanders, Zeeland and North Brabant are nice destinations for cycling.

AAB takes care of its own bike rides away from the beaten tracks.




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